Doctor Lip Bang's Strong Hold Beard And Stache Wax - 2 oz


Doctor Lip Bang's Beard And Stache Wax

This is some serious stuff. In order to peak the performance to your facial hair, you need this stuff. This wax gives off the best texture to your facial hair which will help keep this funny business into place. The wax not only leaves shine to your facial hair but it gives the strongest hold so no funky business goes out of place. 
Benefits: ☆ Shine ☆ Hydrates ☆ Vegan ☆ Increase Strength & Volume
Directions: For best results, we recommend you apply the wax on clean and dry facial hair. Gently scrape your finger along the top of the wax and rub it onto your fingers and them until it's warm. Gently massage the wax onto your facial hair as desired. Like all other products, we recommend you to deep cleanse the wax so it does not build up over time.
Size: 2 fl oz.