Doctor Lip Bang's Beard And Stache Oil - 1.93 oz


Doctor Lip Bang's Beard And Stache Oil

This is some slippery stuff. In order to peak the performance to your facial hair, you need this oil. Use this stuff to give shine and nourishment to your facial hair so it does not look nappy and dull.
Benefits: ☆ Soften Coarse Hair ☆ Increases Strength & Volume ☆ Repair Damage ☆ Shine ☆ Hydrate 
Directions: Apply oil to clean and dry facial hair. Spray 3-4 pumps into your balm depending on the amount of your facial hair and rub into palms and fingers. Gently spread the oil evenly thought your bread and don't forget about the sides ;)
Size: 1.93 fl oz.