3-Piece Gold Leaf Glass Test Tube Flower Vases


Gold Leaf Glass Test Tube Flower Vases

Complete the look of your wedding reception tables with this elegant gold leaf test tube vase set. The unique flower vases have a modern design that can be arranged with other decorative elements to create stunning, inexpensive centerpieces around your wedding or party venue. Each vase can be separated into two elements. The gold, metal leaf stand with a circular base and a clear glass test tube vase. Like a typical bud vase with the test tube design, less is more. Fill the glass tubes with individual blooms or small floral arrangements, colorful sand, or other plants or botanicals to complement the leaf stand that holds the test tube-shaped vials aloft.


Specifications: 4.3" (D) x 12" (H)

Opening Specifications Tube: 6.7" (H)

Material: Iron + Glass